June 2, 2020

Why is that so many zebra crossings in Accra are faded- Ama K. Abebrese Laments

Multi-talented Actress Ama K. Abebrese Has questioned the road Minister and the government of Ghana, the reasons why several roads in the country especially in Accra have faded zebra crossings.

“Why is that so many zebra crossings in Accra are faded?
I have noticed many places in Accra where pedestrian crossings are either heavily faded or barely visible. During the day, you can barely see them, and at night, it’s almost impossible for drivers and motoriststs to see them. This is highly dangerous for pedestrians crossing the road, especially young children.
I sincerely hope that they get repainted ASAP, and not wait until lives are lost or injured before the Ministry acts. Below are some pictures I took on our drive around the capital this morning.

Also worth noting that many road markings are also faded. If you have seen similar faded crossings anywhere else in Ghana, please post your pictures. Lets put pressure on the ministry to rectify these for the safety of all road users.” she added.