June 2, 2020

Atopa Diaries: Episode One

Edward, Bernard Gerard. Our names followed in succession just like rock, paper, scissors. The three musketeers, seducing minds with words like the French do. Having a concentric movement. Hooked together like a “mate to the door of a trotro”. Triplets born a year apart from each other, the predecessor paving way for the next.
Or so we thought……..
It all begun when she waved at us, like brothers with a dream we all looked up in One Direction. The movement of her hand swayed us into a state of confusion, mesmerized by her beauty, tongue tied when we are trying to put words together. Her very presence caused the earth beneath our soles to maneuver in an unusual way.
She was the new girl in the hood, the new song on the radio airwaves that catches everybody’s attention. Her voice causes angels shed tears of joy, her tone causes all boys to float on clouds.
One bow from Cupid slayed us and delivered us into her hands like khebab.
Like High school children we kept our feelings towards her locked in our minds diary. Terrified of rejection we approached her like ninjas. Devoid of any actions that will flag our movements.
You Only Live Once said Bernard, pulling up to her favorite spot in the movements of Drogba. We gave him support as he approached, burying our disapproval with the steps he was taking. We became radioactive when we heard her giggling and imploded when she touched his well built arms. After waiting for an episode of Mr. Steal your girl to end, he ended the conversation with her pouring her digits unto his phone. He gave us a sinister smile as he walked back feeling like he’s a love god.
We spent our weekend hours in Gerard’s crib wasting away our productivity and finding new ways to make FIFA more profitable economic wise. Exhausted from a hard days work, we relaxed on the ball chairs in the hall. Ohohh shouted Gerard as his Apple chime rang again. He asked any of us to identify the caller for him. I walked towards his phone only for me to drop it seconds after seeing the contact name………

To be continued…

Story By: Barnabas