Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

My husband cried over ‘double life’ publication – Adwoa Saah speaks

Adwoa Saah, actress and former host of Adom TV’s popular telenovela “Kumkum Bhagya”, has opened up about the controversy and rumours that surrounded her marriage and husband.

Media reportage after her marriage to her long-time boyfriend Solomon Akwasi Boateng suggested that he had a ‘double life’.

The reports suggested that Mr Boateng has two children out of wedlock with two different women in the United Kingdom.

“Adwoa Saah’s husband, Solomon Akwasi Boateng, has a cunning reputation because, it was during the christening of his first child that, the then newborn mother got to know that, another woman was also pregnant for her partner and father of her child,” parts of a reportage stated.

But reacting to the allegations four years after her marriage, Adwoa Saah Boateng told Stacy Amoateng on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ that she the former knew about her husband’s kids prior to their marriage.

According to her, her husband whom she loved so much told her that he has not been married before but he has two children with two different women, and she agreed to marry him.

“My husband [Solomon] is a young man who happens to have two children. He had the kids before I agreed to marry him…he wasn’t married to any of the women he had the children with. So, if I am ready to be his life partner [despite his two daughters] and I accept to marry this man, is it a crime…what kind of crime have I committed,” she said.

She added that due to her struggles in life and disappointments with men, she decided that she wouldn’t have ‘pre-marital sex’ with Mr Boateng when he expressed interest in her unless they were legally married.

“…even though he has been to the world and has seen the world, Solomon agreed to my decision because he realised that out all that I was saying was my love for God…,” she indicated.

She also noted that she was attracted to Solomon Boateng when they met sometime in 2011 but pre-marital sex was something if she had engaged in before their marriage, it wouldn’t have given her fulfilment in life.

“So, if someone tells me that the gentleman [Solomon Akwasi Boateng] is a cheat, can the person explain to me what she or he means by that?” she quizzed.

Most of my colleagues I worked with on TV were even chastising me for not doing any background checks on my husband before marrying him.

“Out of my husband’s imperfection, God found in him my Boaz and that was the most important thing to me and not what people were saying,” she added.

Adwoa Saah who cried during the interview stated that some Ghanaians rained insults on her especially on social media but she had to gather the courage to delete all the unprintable words from either her post or pictures.

“My husband cried over all the publications and insults that were being rained on us. He tried to apologise but I told him that there’s nothing to apologise about because he opened up before our vows in church…,” she said.

Adwoa indicated further that her husband constantly calls the ladies he has kids with to check up on them and perform his fatherly duties, something she finds to be very responsible of him.