It is sometimes painful growing up to know you were rejected by the one who brought you into this world for unknown reasons.

This has always become the case of fathers when things get tough for them in life or realises the child they brought into the world has a certain type of deformity.

Some fathers also neglect their duty due to financial constraints but that cannot be overlooked as many of them have struggled through hard times to cater for their children.

Popular Kumawood actor, Samuel Dabo, has revealed how his mother single-handedly raised him and two other siblings after his father abandoned them.

According to Yaw Dabo, as he is popularly known in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, his father abandoned the family after he had challenges with his job.

But, after many years his father came back to apologise and to seek his support.

In response, he said he would have shot his father dead if he could take the law into his own hands at the time.

“I am the first child of three children and it has taken the grace of God for us all to be successful after our father left us. I am able to provide for my mum despite how tough the movie industry has become and built a three-bedroom house for her,” he said.

Narrating his experience on Nhyira FM’s Obra Show, Yaw Dabo disclosed his father is now back seeking forgiveness.

“My mum recently called me seeking forgiveness and support for my father after he confessed his admiration of my hard work and talent in the movie industry. But, I asked myself, would he have looked for me or my siblings if he hadn’t seen me on TV?” he explained.

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