Ghanaians are well-known for fake love! Thus, no one gives a hoot about one’s struggles and agonies but as soon as one dies, there comes in showers of gifts and embellished tributes.

The above-mentioned reality has been reechoed by renowned veteran actor, Kohwe. According to Kohwe in an interview with Spectator Graphic newspaper, some of his colleagues died as paupers because there was no assistance from anywhere.

For him, in their days, the movie industry was not rewarding in monetary terms, and it was against that backdrop, those in the helm of affairs must care about their plight in old age.
He said it was unfortunate that when they are in need, they were left to their fate, adding that the worst of the maltreatment was that they were always denied movie roles to fend for themselves.

“Don’t wait for me to die, before you pay glowing tribute to me for my wonderful contribution, your tribute will be meaningless because it will not bring me back to life,” he said.

More importantly, he reiterated that now that he is alive, if there is any support, it is time to locate him and put smiles on his face rather than to wait for him to die before doing so.

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